55_All the Way LiveMy silent, meditative, blessed birthday was spent in the healing waters of Jordan on the 4th of July, both in the Dead Sea, salt and fresh water pools. It was just what the doctor ordered: a time to reflect, revisit journals and release more of Spoetry in Motion. I am so grateful to be “all the way live at 55” and counting it all Joy!




Radical Compassion Begins Within

In a course on Radical Compassion
we began with a focus on ourselves,
asked questions about things undone;
reflected on our own story of love, beauty and God’s Grace.
We were asked to recall a time when we felt pure love
and to write about that moment we beheld our beloved’s face.
I think it’s interesting that I would be near
the city of my conception, with beautiful bridges,
connecting my past to the present,
contemplating and filling in all of the ridges.
Each year in the month of September
not many days pass that I do not remember
Mr. Wonderful, the one who became elusive,
distant, and then completely non-inclusive.
Why God would give me a glimpse of my
heart’s desire, then take it all away,
remains a complete mystery;
baffling my mind, even today.
It once seemed so clear on
Sunday morning, noon and night,
that the one I had been waiting for
was finally in plain sight.
I can still hear the sound of his voice,
As we took turns reading scriptures,
and talked about the freedom of choice.
Drinking from the same cup felt so natural,
even though we were moving faster than a jet.
When someone asked “is that your wife?”
I knew this was it when he said “not yet!”
Underneath diamonds dancing in the sky,
just as the galaxies gleamed in a milky way,
I felt like God had finally revealed my guy.
His scent, so fresh and clean, clean;
remains trapped between time zones,
how could God be so mean, mean?
I use to ask such silly questions back then.
Of course everything is in Divine order,
it is not my business to know who or when.
All I know now for sure is that I am love,
loved, loving and love is all there is.
Everything within reflects what is above.

Jordan_Steps to Healing