Joy is enduring, while happiness is but a fleeting moment captured in a picture – a delightful evening at Bus Boys and Poets. It’s a time of refreshing at the old farm house. Places change, people come and go. God is the only source of everlasting fulfillment. He gives me the strength to go through, to be content in whatever situation that tries to take over my optimistic mindset, and finally, I am able to truly count it all Joy!

The Sounds of Blackness had it right when they sang:

“If things around you crumble
No, you don’t have to stumble and fall
Keep pushing on and don’t you look back

I know the storms and strife
Cloud up your outlook on life
Just think ahead and you’ll be inspired
To reach higher and higher.”

—from Sounds of Blackness lyrics in ‘Optimistic’

Can you have 100 straight days of happiness and joy? I am on my way!

Hope and a Future in Ghana: