Spiritual Wellness: Honor that Which is Sacred, Meaningful and Purposeful:

The quality of loving-kindness is the fertile soil out of which an integrated spiritual life can grow. With a loving heart as the background, all that we attempt, all that we encounter, will open up and flow more easily.-Jack Kornfield

  • Defining personally what really matters
  • Embracing the notion of an Higher Being ordering the cosmos
  • Finding a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Using tools to cultivate a more intuitive approach to life (i.e. journaling, creating collages, meditation, prayer, spoetry in motion, etc.)


Through Spoetry in Motion and the Spoetea Sessions, Dr. Temille is keeping it real while embracing a 21-century paradigm to wellness — the PEMS-SE Paradigm. Those who explore these 6 domains of well-being can illuminate meaningful, purpose-filled, radically compassionate ways of being — connecting culture, community and Christ while finding solace in the colorful African Garden of life. Stay tuned for the next!