Hello, Ethiopia!


Blessed to be in the land of beautiful people – Ethiopia!

What an amazing warm, gracious welcome from Saada and her family. Her brother picked me up from the airport and then gave us his driver for the length of my stay at Hotel Siyonat.

It has been such a healing blessing; being with wonderful people, eating nourishing food (a vegan buffet at the Taitu Hotel!), standing on the very ground where King Menelik II and Queen Taitu fought and won the battle of Adwa, learning how Queen Taitu changed the name of the capital city from Entoto to Addis Ababa (which means “new flower”), as well a more about the traditions at cultural restaurant Yod Abyssinia, and traveling to the countryside, meeting Saada’s father and seeing where she grew up, meeting her husband’s niece (enjoying Ethiopian hospitality at each stop), then on to a spa by Lake Kuriftu was all so magical and Divinely ordered.


We Are Family, By Bloodlines and By Choice. This revelation was received through the powerful words of¬†Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander in his book “Proof of Heaven”, a true story about his near death experience. He wrote:

“None of us are orphans, we have ‘other family’ beings who are watching and looking out for us… none of us are ever unloved. Each and everyone of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator, who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend…”





Helium Balloons

Blessed by TechnologyEven though a hallow, aching feeling lingers from being “cut off” (as in, ceased contact with the people I care most about), I persist to stay connected. Sometimes I wonder, if I did not reach out, would I ever hear from anyone? Everyone is so busy with very full lives, and even with the best of technology at our finger tips, keeping in touch is remarkably challenging.

Sometimes I feel like a child fiercely holding on to a helium balloon – a relationship – that one day slips out of hand. The helium balloon is in full view, then ascends into the heavens, never to be seen again. When I moved to Saudi Arabia many of my balloons rose out of sight. No matter how hard I tried to tie the balloon around my wrist or theirs, they would still let go.

Clearly, God is trying to perfect a spirit of forgiveness in me. Soulmates are not here forever, and it is good that the helium balloons eventually become a part of history.  My mind still wants to hold on to the beautiful, colorful memories, but it is time to stop trying so hard; it is impossible to retain something that has already been released. It is time to move on.


Many people wonder, what’s a Sista doing in da desert! It’s been quite a journey, my role has been as a “pioneer” in the background of this project unfolding by the Red Sea. I have been charged with setting up the health and wellness center for the graduate students from over 70 different countries. That is another story for another time.

Today, I took in the beauty surrounding me on campus and a long ride along the Red Sea, reflecting on it’s healing properties. I also got to visit this amazing net sculpture by American artist Janet Echelman, who reshapes urban airspace by setting up public net sculptures that choreograph environmental forces like wind, water and sunlight. Beautiful! Then, the “peaceful” moment was sealed by a surprise gift from California! Adwo (Peace & Calm) Blessings abound when we stop to pay attention.