Helium Balloons

Blessed by TechnologyEven though a hallow, aching feeling lingers from being “cut off” (as in, ceased contact with the people I care most about), I persist to stay connected. Sometimes I wonder, if I did not reach out, would I ever hear from anyone? Everyone is so busy with very full lives, and even with the best of technology at our finger tips, keeping in touch is remarkably challenging.

Sometimes I feel like a child fiercely holding on to a helium balloon – a relationship – that one day slips out of hand. The helium balloon is in full view, then ascends into the heavens, never to be seen again. When I moved to Saudi Arabia many of my balloons rose out of sight. No matter how hard I tried to tie the balloon around my wrist or theirs, they would still let go.

Clearly, God is trying to perfect a spirit of forgiveness in me. Soulmates are not here forever, and it is good that the helium balloons eventually become a part of history.  My mind still wants to hold on to the beautiful, colorful memories, but it is time to stop trying so hard; it is impossible to retain something that has already been released. It is time to move on.


Greetings! Here is a photo of me feeling supreme in Paris, France on December 5, 2012.

I’d like to share a video capturing the healing process that began in 2012; thank God I survived and will continue to thrive in 2013. Just wanted you share my hope and encouragement.

Adwo (Peace and Calm) Blessings,
Dr. Temille