Spoetry in Motion seen in “Artists of KAUST 2014”

I recently won 3rd place at the Talent Show! Here are some photos from my readings and excerpts from 2 of my pieces. My topic was Exploring Identity and Innovation through Spoetry (Spoken Word and Old School Poetry). The photos of visual art were taken from the “Artists of KAUST 2014” exhibit in our University Library, the week after Talent Show. Enjoy! 

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I am a Black Woman

(An excerpt)

I am a black woman 
the music of my song 
some sweet arpeggio of tears 
is written in a minor key 
and I 
can be heard humming in the night 
Can be heard 
in the night
I am a black woman 
tall as a cypress 
beyond all definition still 
defying place 
and time 
and circumstance 
on me and be 

–Mari Evans


Red Sea Salt

At last, a closer look
jumping from my journal
to the book.
Inspired by sages
gracing these 
Spirit filled pages.
For every one person
who said they did not like
poems that rhyme,
there are 10 people telling me
my piece was right on time!
I could hear Mama, Granny and Danny loud and clear:
“you betta work that gift my dear!”
Don’t you listen to the haters finding fault.
Step back to the mic,
sprinkle your Red Sea salt!

–Temille Porter