How often throughout the day do you pause, even in the middle of a perplexing experience, take a few slow, deep centering breaths, hold for a few moments and then release through your nose?


Your creative expression is a gift that reminds you how precious and powerful it is to stay in the present moment, without judgment; to experience gratitude for being alive and able to render a piece of art that captures it.

Pick your medium: make a collage, draw picture, take a walk to photograph something beautiful in nature, write in your journal about what you see, or draft a few lines of a poem and take time to bring yourself fully into the present moment of this creative activity. Simply notice what thoughts and feelings emerge. In your observation, pay attention to how effortless it is to be engaged, focused, and not worried about what is going to happen next.


In 2011 I was pleading and singing Adele’s “One & Only”.
Today the lyrics are modified, I am alone, yet not lonely.
Not once told which road to choose, place to be or where to go;
What it feels like to be that close, in that way, I will never know.
He chose not to walk that extra mile,
Now all I can do is move on and smile.

Social Wellness: “Self-Care in the Context of Community”

The Humanity You See in Me is Also In You. – South African Proverb

  • Practicing compassionate communication skills
  • Cultivating healthy, respectful interpersonal relationships
  • Engaging and participating in the building of a vibrant and empowered community