In 2011 I was pleading and singing Adele’s “One & Only”.
Today the lyrics are modified, I am alone, yet not lonely.
Not once told which road to choose, place to be or where to go;
What it feels like to be that close, in that way, I will never know.
He chose not to walk that extra mile,
Now all I can do is move on and smile.
“I Forgive You”–Rachelle Ferrell
“…What a freedom just releasing from my heart, from my mind and soul!”–Rachelle Ferrell

Keeping it Clean in Twenty Fourteen

It all started with a brown paper bag that just happened to be a “cold sack” from Whole Foods. I cut the bag into 5 pieces of paper (front, back, two sides and the bottom), and on each piece wrote some of the things that felt so cold, made me feel sad, regretful, angry, out of balance; the things that are old and dead, yet still occupying space in my heart and head. Each piece of paper was rolled up and twisted like a twig. Twigs are no longer attached to branches which are connected to the Tree of Life. Twigs represent debris that needs to be cleared, tossed in the trash, used to start a fire in a wood burning fireplace or flushed down the toilet (the symbolic bio-degradable paper ones that is!).

Casting all my cares on Him, Connected to the Vine, saying in the green zone is just fine. Clearing the debris, I’m keeping it clean; no more twigs in twenty fourteen!
MY VIDEO: Flushing Down Toxic Thoughts; Freeing Up Creativity
What was, was; what is, is; what is yet to be begins with me!

We have two choices each day:

1) to feel miserable, unloved, and unaccepted, or
2) to feel God’s Deepest Love, deep joy, total acceptance for who we are and all of our unlimited possibilities before us. It is my prayer that we all can pick choice #2, sealed with LOVE and send it out to the people and planet!