Blessed by TechnologyEven though a hallow, aching feeling lingers from being “cut off” (as in, ceased contact with the people I care most about), I persist to stay connected. Sometimes I wonder, if I did not reach out, would I ever hear from anyone? Everyone is so busy with very full lives, and even with the best of technology at our finger tips, keeping in touch is remarkably challenging.

Sometimes I feel like a child fiercely holding on to a helium balloon – a relationship – that one day slips out of hand. The helium balloon is in full view, then ascends into the heavens, never to be seen again. When I moved to Saudi Arabia many of my balloons rose out of sight. No matter how hard I tried to tie the balloon around my wrist or theirs, they would still let go.

Clearly, God is trying to perfect a spirit of forgiveness in me. Soulmates are not here forever, and it is good that the helium balloons eventually become a part of history.  My mind still wants to hold on to the beautiful, colorful memories, but it is time to stop trying so hard; it is impossible to retain something that has already been released. It is time to move on.

Sometimes it is just a weekend encounter, or a simple smile from a stranger at the grocery store, that lets you know somebody sees you, you see them, and a precious moment of connection is treasured for eternity. I love the way Jeff Brown puts it, from the book Ascending With Both Feet on the Ground:

Loving Kindness“We must be under no illusion that all soul mates are meant to last a lifetime. Some are only meant to last a moment. That brief soul gaze with a ‘stranger’ at the grocery store that reminded you of your own essence was just right. That unexpected weekend encounter that set your spirit to soar is perfect. That great love that walked away after cracking your heart open was just what the soul doctor ordered. Whatever you need to smooth the rough diamond of the soul. No matter how long they last, profound connections paint pictures of possibility in the sky, expanding our lens for all eternity.”

Anais Nin also says, “Each friend represents a world in us, a world not possibly born until they arrive.”


I am grateful for every friend, every soul mate and every evidence of God’s Good Grace in my life.

I’ll leave you with this Song! Your Best Days Yet by Bishop Paul Morton

I want to encourage you
I just want to encourage you
get away from negative words
get away from negative people
the best is on the way
you ain’t seen nothing
you gotta keep on fighting
keep on praying
you ain’t seen nothing yet!