Environmental Wellness: “Towards a More Eco-Friendly Future – Respect for the Earth and Each Other”

One Depends Upon The Other. —Akan Proverb

The oldest task in human history: to live on a piece of land without spoiling it. – Aldo Leopold

  • Valuing and participating in activities that promote the protection of eco-systems
  • Raising awareness of ways to advocate for cleaner air, food and water in partnership with eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Encouraging practical applied appropriate science and technology to better humanity

In her book Clean Energy Common Sense: An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change, Frances Beinecke invites us to imagine:

“…a world where deserts retreat and ice is stable and cold. Imagine healthy forests and fields, where wildfires once raged untamed. Imagine disease and disaster diminished, green pastures beneath blue skies. Imagine a world where no child anywhere must walk 20 miles for a drink of water.” She further asserts: “We each have a role in creating this world through the choices we make each day” (pg. 83); “Sometimes the hardest part of change is finding the courage to begin. Climate change has been a century in the making. We won’t turn it around in a day, nor can we solve all of our problems with the stroke of a pen. Clean energy legislation though, can begin the long process of change and give us the tools to improve as we move ahead…leading is acting, and the time to act is now.”

Through Spoetry in Motion and the Spoetea Sessions, Dr. Temille is keeping it real while embracing a 21-century paradigm to wellness — the PEMS-SE Paradigm. Those who explore these 6 domains of well-being can illuminate meaningful, purpose-filled, radically compassionate ways of being — connecting culture, community and Christ while finding solace in the colorful African Garden of life. Stay tuned for the next!