Social Wellness: “Self-Care in the Context of Community”

The Humanity You See in Me is Also In You. – South African Proverb

  • Practicing compassionate communication skills
  • Cultivating healthy, respectful interpersonal relationships
  • Engaging and participating in the building of a vibrant and empowered community

Spiritual Wellness: Honor that Which is Sacred, Meaningful and Purposeful:

The quality of loving-kindness is the fertile soil out of which an integrated spiritual life can grow. With a loving heart as the background, all that we attempt, all that we encounter, will open up and flow more easily.-Jack Kornfield

  • Defining personally what really matters
  • Embracing the notion of an Higher Being ordering the cosmos
  • Finding a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Using tools to cultivate a more intuitive approach to life (i.e. journaling, creating collages, meditation, prayer, spoetry in motion, etc.)

Mental Wellness: Be a “Friend to Your Mind”

She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. —Toni Morrison, Beloved

  • Honoring intellectuality and creativity
  • Practicing awareness in the moment, without judgment, simply observing thoughts
  • Discovering inner wisdom, expressing ideas with confidence
  • Speaking affirmations daily that support growth and development

Emotional Wellness Acknowledging and Expressing Feelings

Every relational encounter brings us back to our core beliefs about love, loss, endings, beginnings, unfinished business, unlimited possibilities, closure and completion of life cycles. -Temille Porter

  • Acknowledging areas of competency as well as growth edges
  • Forming circles of trustworthy, honest and respectful friends
  • Seeking the higher ground in conflicting situations
  • Holding on to hope and optimistic in challenging circumstances