Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. – Walter Elliott

8th Cycle_Juneteenth Freedom Meditation WalkPrior to the 8th cycle lab work, I took a moment to reflect on how far God has brought me. By His Grace, I was able to persist, prosper and experience the Peace of His Presence in an unprecedented way. For this, I am truly grateful and blessed.

On the night before the 8th cycle of chemo, I did a half-moon lit night mindful walking meditation in the park with the #9 art sculpture in front of my house. It was a beautiful, gentle breezy evening, and a perfect place to walk in gratitude for having come thus far by faith.


Yanbu Seaview_2013In psycho-oncology literature, left breast cancer is correlated with unresolved grief and loss issues, as well as deep sorrow. So much of my professional life has been consumed with listening to very toxic and sad stories. As psychologists we are trained to wear raincoats of sorts in order not to get drenched by the down pour, and then we are able to help our clients eventually re-frame the rain, perhaps even find a way to dance in it or savor the sweet aroma that settles in the atmosphere afterwards.


Oriana Spa Collage

“With ambiguous loss, there is no closure; the challenge is to learn how to live with the ambiguity.”–Pauline Boss

Ever wonder why some people just stop reaching out to you? There is no warning, no stated reason no closure, they just stop responding to your attempts to connect. It is easy to feel a little defeated (for just a little while!) in the interpersonal arena when this happens, however it is imperative not to become bitter but better because of such experiences that try your patience, produce more faith and polish your character.


“While we are influenced by circumstances, we, too, can have an influence.” – Jonas Salk

My 5th round of chemo is complete, which means I am 5 steps closer to being cancer-free. My mind is filled with wonderful memories and special places that I can go to in the middle of challenging moments, like entering the MRI machine or being poked with needles and pins leading to the chemo drip. Taking deep slow breaths and guided imagery have been Godsends for me. Even in what feels like the “dark night of my soul”, I find and choose joy!

Above all remedies for fear, worry, doubt and frustration, God’s Word is the best medicine ministering to me continuously. My friend Sonara shared this wonderful, timely devotion below confirming this very fact: the Word is for me – Water and Nourishment for my Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. I am revived and refreshed by it every single time I dip or dive in deeply!